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    What are you smoking?

    kantar92 Smoking on some Apple Jacks to start this beautiful day. ACC has the best weed here in the OC !
    2015-07-01 16:50:27 UTC
    Badmf gorilla glue organic can't be too careful, taste amazzzing
    2015-07-01 16:04:32 UTC
    FattFang The attempt by the City of Vallejo, CA to restructure how dispensaries operate has been halted! Yesssss!
    2015-07-01 16:01:24 UTC
    FattFang Super Sour Diesel, Peets coffee, eggs and taters...before it gets really hot this a.m. Enjoy your day today!
    2015-07-01 15:56:05 UTC
    bobaloo A sneaky toke of hash to ease the owies, have a super day, my lofty friends....
    2015-07-01 15:50:45 UTC
    Mars94 My cool glow in the dark real spider wristband thingy. ( Feel like a kid saying that. xD )
    2015-07-01 15:42:08 UTC
    Mars94 Rolling a blunt of the Firewalker OG before grocery shopping, hopefully I'll remember to get more than munchies.
    2015-07-01 15:38:34 UTC
    d-lynn strawberry haze this morning.. happy wednesday!
    2015-07-01 15:36:36 UTC
    Towa.310 BLACK MAMBA.!!!
    2015-07-01 15:31:36 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Red thunder in me bowl and a fine cup o folgers in me face!
    2015-07-01 15:20:24 UTC
    mmollzz Wakin' with coffee and bakin' on this delightful Dream Queen Pie Crust. Stay cool - Yesterday, Tucson was scorched and hailed on!
    2015-07-01 14:43:46 UTC
    Flashback Desert Organic Solutions: Head Band Sand
    2015-07-01 14:40:07 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~~~Good Morning~~~ It's going to be another scorcher! Stay cool, groovy and medicated.
    2015-07-01 14:33:05 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner A sad day this Friday mappers. After 14 1/2 years of being a great dog, its time to put Boozer the Wunderpup down..
    2015-07-01 13:58:40 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Morning All. Doing well and staying entirely too busy. Starting the morning with Cherry Pie
    2015-07-01 13:51:45 UTC
    weedtoker13 bellwhut wassup (;
    2015-07-01 12:55:43 UTC
    mrcruz23 WAKE N BAKE: Green Queen x Purple Crack blunt Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "1st Of The Month"
    2015-07-01 12:28:01 UTC
    Justin SanDiego SOL Selects/ Original Nectar Inc. TriXXX OG Kush Solventless Oil - Better Pic!
    2015-07-01 10:29:47 UTC
    Justin SanDiego SOL Selects/ Original Nectar Inc. TriXXX OG Kush Solventless Oil Tested at 90%+ Δ9 THC
    2015-07-01 10:29:01 UTC
    rodrigomaster og kush y moonrock en cannaria
    2015-07-01 09:55:31 UTC


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